Volunteering Opportunity with the Alachua County Crisis Center


Saturday, Jun. 03, 2023


Saturday, Jul. 22, 2023

We are currently recruiting volunteers to answer our local crisis hotline, as well as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988).  

The Alachua County Crisis Center provides free and confidential crisis response services to Alachua County and the surrounding community, almost all of which are provided by highly trained volunteers. Volunteering with the Crisis Center is a great way to support our community and those in need, while also learning valuable communication skills you can use for the rest of your life. 

Training starts on Saturday, June 3rd, and is over 60 hours over the course of eight weeks. Volunteers learn crisis intervention and suicide prevention skills, which prepares them to answer phones on the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (988) and our local crisis hotline. The training is free and is conducted entirely online. For more information about training, click here or see our attached flyer. If you can, please share this information with your organization!

If possible, we would love to come and speak with your organization about volunteering with the Alachua County Crisis Center. If that’s not possible, I would appreciate it if you could share this flyer and our email with your organization.

Training starts on Saturday, June 3rd. The first step to getting involved in training is to submit the online application found here. If you or any members of your organization have questions about training, or if you would like to invite us to speak at a meeting, please let me know or contact our training coordinator Kevin Sosa at (352) 264-6781 or [email protected]